Our Services

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Smash Repairs

Our modern quality equipment to help our factory well trained technicians provide you with fast, quality auto body repair services. From laser chassis measuring systems to the latest welding equipment and computer systems, we easily restore your vehicle back to original condition. Our goal is returning your vehicle to a safe operating condition and making it look great, a goal we accomplish every day at Empire Body and Mechanical Repairs. To ensure quality, we guarantee our work.

Our reputation is your guarantee.

Panel Beaters

The best team of engineers and professionals

Our panel beaters in sydney can professionally fix damaged panels. When a replacement is not available or economic, we can fix the original. Our workshop has modern equipment that can align and measure your car chassis.

Our Auto Robot chassis alignment system provides a very accurate platform to repair your damaged vehicle. From this point the replacement and repair or panel beating of the finished panel becomes easy. Our panel beaters have vast experience on all brands of cars, vans and trucks and of coarse are fully licensed for panel beating by MVR Association.

Spray Painting

The best technology to get your car shining again

At Empire Body and Mechanical Repairs our car spray paint shop is equipped with Hi-Tech system, which has the latest German technology.

Empire Body and Mechanical Repairs spray painting services include the important preparation of the panels, these days can be quite involved as plastics are extensively used on a modern cars makeup.

These plastic component materials require special attention to the undercoat preparation to insure proper binding and long lasting appearance and finish.

Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle detailing is also carried out upon completion of all repairs and restorations. Your vehicle will be washed and dried, vacuumed, all interior surfaces cleaned, glass polished, tyres and wheels cleaned all ready for you to collect and get back on the road. Professional Detailing including, buffing and polishing, steam cleaning of carpets and upholstery can be arranged.

Vehicle Restoration

The restoration of your cherished auto can be a journey filled with pride and satisfaction.

In addition to repairing damaged vehicles by collision, From classic cars to street rods, we return damaged vehicles to their original glory. Using the finest reproduction and original parts, we transform your old, worn vehicle into a work of art !

We will work with your budget. Not every car requires a total restoration. We will suggest the appropriate restoration based on vehicle safety and your available budget. You make the decisions.

Rust Repairs

Many cars and vans suffer from damaging and unsightly rust. At Empire Body and Mechanical Repairs we can clean up all your rust and get your car back to new and shining again.

We are experts in Rust Repairs, depending on your budget we can tailor your car rust repairs. A high value vehicle may require replacement of effected areas or wielding in areas of steel plate as required.

Windscreen &Dent Repairs

Paint-less Dent Removal is all about repairing dents, dings, hail damage and any other small damage when panel beating is not required. We use state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled staff to repair damage quickly and cost effectively. Our staff use specific tools to gently bring the metal back to its original form and not damage the paint work.

Empire Body and Mechanical Repairs offers the highest quality glass replacement for front, side and rear windows. We only use quality premium branded glass and adhesives.