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Ross Povey is on a never-ending journey to unlock the mysteries of gem-set Rolex. His latest stop has been the GMT-Master. The GMT-Master, once the reserve watch of airline pilots, has been iced as many times as the wings of an Aeroflot Jumbo. The story began in the mid-1980s...

I've had a few people ask me what SARU stands for. Springbok fans will tell you that SARU stands for South African Rugby Union. It is a verb in Malay that means 'copy'. This is an amalgamation of the words "salin" and "tiru". Rolex uses the term to refer to GMT-Masters that have bezels set with "SA"pphires or "RU"bies. Audemars Piguet Replica 's iconic and unmistakable 'Pepsi' Bezel was reimagined as a stone. The upper half was made of blue sapphires, and the lower half of the bezel of trapeze-cut red rubies. How can you accurately read the time on the bezel of the watch? Step forward from 1 to 11 a diamond with a triangle cut at 12 o’clock. Red, white and Blue...

What a difference a stone makes

This was my point when I spoke about the Tudor Homeplate and Monte Carlo Chronos in 1970-1972. Imagine the shock of those assembled when the orange, grey, and blue dials first appeared. They were unlike anything else from the House of WIlsdorf. The SARU GMT Master would have caused a lot of awe and shock in the room, when the cloche is lifted.Rolex Replica Watches Instagram would have literally 'broken '... the internet, had there been internet in the past. Rolex had a long history of gem-set watches as the Day-Date demonstrates, but what about a sportswatch? It was a revolutionary move and probably one of the most important turning points for the way people view sports watches in general. The times were changing and the Rolex sport watch was really becoming a fashion item.

In the middle of the 1950s, the yellow gold GMT-Master first appeared as reference 6542. At the end of the 50s it was introduced as reference 1675/8. In 1979, the GMT-Master went through its transitional phase. The reference 16758 was made in yellow gold. The plastic glass is still there, but it has a date that can be quickly set. In the mid-1980s, they gave the reference 16758 a makeover and called it SARU. Rolex didn't stop at a gem-set bezel. They went all out with a dial with blue sapphire markers and a fully paved dial. A yellow gold President bracelet was finished with 12 brilliant-cut diamonds set in the links. It was the first time Rolex has ever done a jewelry-sports watch crossover of this magnitude.